Intrigue Campaign

The Intrigue Campaign meets every other Tuesday at Marc’s house in Laurel. It currently has four players and could tolerate one more. The campaign focuses on politics, romance, espionage, and skullduggery, but the characters get into combat now and then, too.


  • Alma, a wood-elf cleric, who collects knowledge for the Memory Trees. She is an information vampire, absorbing the memories of helpless, dying, or willing creatures. Alma owns a masochistic cloak that demands punishment so it can absorb the damage.
  • Kyra, a beautiful gargoyle who used to be the masthead on a flying pirate ship. She is always in the right place at the right time. She has a fell demonic eyeball on her left hand, and it functions as a magical curse. She also wears the orb of heavenly light, whose powers she’s only now discovering.
  • Marcel, a high elf rogue who can sense ley lines. He maintains a vast spy network across the Empire. He wears a cloak of influence whose vanity demands attention.
  • Priya, a bard who creates legendary stories. She is a creature made of the dreams of the Great Gold Wyrm. She carries a magical xylophone that opens doors and windows, but is a bit pervy and likes spying on people.

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Story Threads

The party work for the Elf Queen, who is trying to cement her power over the Empire. She has learned that her distant husband, the human Emperor, is conspiring against her. He’s gotten his hooks in many of the powerful people in the Empire and the Queen fears he’ll make a bid to kick her off the throne. The characters are covert operatives, working to subvert the power base of the Emperor, one person at a time.

Intrigue Campaign

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