Adventure Campaign

The Adventure Campaign meets every other Thursday at my house in Owings Mills, MD. It is currently full with five players and two alternates. The campaign focuses on combat and danger, but there’s a fair amount of “story stuff” happening.

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  • Brak, a pitiful half-orc slave who has escaped his masters, The Three (iconic blue, green, and red dragons). He hears their voices in his head sometimes.
  • Dwermo, a half-elf wizard who used to be the most powerful sorcerer in the world, but forgot everything (including his identity).
  • Griswald, a shapeshifting ranger from another world.
  • Ianna, a violet elf courtesan-turned-assassin, who beds the Prince of Tenrook. She has acquired a bloodthirsty magical longsword named Glaezentorg.
  • Kajeen, a half-orc barbarian woman who fights in the gladiator pits of Tenrook.

Story Threads

The Prince has been turned into a half-orc by the vile VIRAX! He’s locked himself in his bedroom and won’t see anyone but his lover, Ianna. His city is falling apart. He has ordered that all half-orcs be rounded up and “questioned” to see what they know about VIRAX!.

Princess Eveningstar is, by tradition, supposed to marry the Prince of Tenrook, but five years ago, she refused. She’s living in her own palace. The Emperor is incensed and blames both of the young royals.

As punishment, the Emperor stopped grain shipments to Tenrook, and the city lacked enough food to feed its half million people. Most of them left. The remaining 50,000 huddle in the core of the city. The Arch Druid’s magic is overtaking the outer part of the city, called the Citywilds.

Tenrook was built over the magically sealed ruins of Scaffold, an ancient underground city the dwarves abandoned ages ago. Recently, someone managed to unseal it. Now living dungeons are opening up into the city and terrible things are pouring out.

Adventure Campaign

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