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  • Evadrah

    She is a bit mad, in a supergenius sort of way. Because she's so old, no one really knows her true age, which she hides. She's forgotten more magic than most wizards know. She tends a bizarre garden full of wonderful and dangerous plants.

  • Accantasan

    Accantasan keeps his past largely a secret but it seems the Prince of Shadows uses this knowledge as black mail to keep the enchanter in check. This may be the reason why Accantasan hasn't interferred mainly with the Prince of Shadows' plans with Kyra …

  • Lelindha

    Recruited [[:alma | Alma]], [[:kyra | Kyra]], [[:marcel | Marcel]], and [[:priya | Priya]] for a [[Intrigue Campaign | secret mission]] on behalf of the [[:elf-queen | Elf Queen]]. Known to be a mid-level wizard.

  • Eliunur

    Professor Eliunur Quessi teaches [[Astronomy | astronomy]] at the [[Royal University of Axis]]. She took over the position vacated by her old teacher, [[:alma | Alma]], whom she had a crush on.

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