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  • Lightship

    Lightships are caravels that fly by magical power. They use the wind to propel them, but stay aloft through enchantments. They require a small crew of seasoned sailors. h4. Notable Lightships * [[Scurvy Demon]] * [[Naughty Jenny]]

  • Naughty Jenny

    A [[Lightship | lightship]] owned by [[:sethevis | Sethevis]]. [[:priya | Priya]], [[:alma | Alma]], [[:kyra | Kyra]], and [[:marcel | Marcel]] chartered the lightship for their trip across the Dragon Empire. They left the Court of the [[:elf-queen | …

  • Scurvy Demon

    A [[Lightship | lightship]] owned by [[:prince-of-shadows|Captain Black Jack]]. The Scurvy Demon is currently crewed by the Cutthroats, a band of pirates under [[:kyra|Kyra's]] and [[:prince-of-shadows|Captain Black Jack's]] commands. Its current …

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