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  • Accantasan

    Accantasan keeps his past largely a secret but it seems the Prince of Shadows uses this knowledge as black mail to keep the enchanter in check. This may be the reason why Accantasan hasn't interferred mainly with the Prince of Shadows' plans with Kyra …

  • Xevian

    Xevian is the captain of the guard in [[Axis]]. He knows [[:priya | Priya]] and flirts with her.

  • Adain

    Adain is the royal butler at the [[:emperor-2 | Emperor's]] palace in Axis. He is young but has earned much respect and loyalty from everyone around him.

  • Ijor

    Ijor leads the Wine Mercantile in [[Axis]] and maintains a spy network there. He knows [[:marcel | Marcel]]. "War is bad for business."

  • Rojium

    Lord Rojium of Axis recently proposed to a cook at a palace gala and was quite a story. Apparently there was a wild affair between him and the cook, they proclaimed themselves madly in love, and she accepted his hand in marriage. [[:priya | Priya]] …

  • Melithia

    Princess Melithia is the daughter of the [[:emperor-2 | Emperor]]. She is betrothed to [[:viderian | General Viderian]] but she actually likes [[:tomisium | Sir Tomisium]].

  • Julian

    Julian runs the skydocks in [[Axis]]. He's rugged, very hairy, and limps. He's an old salty sailor who is stuck on the docks these days.

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