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  • Evadrah

    She is a bit mad, in a supergenius sort of way. Because she's so old, no one really knows her true age, which she hides. She's forgotten more magic than most wizards know. She tends a bizarre garden full of wonderful and dangerous plants.

  • Lelindha

    Recruited [[:alma | Alma]], [[:kyra | Kyra]], [[:marcel | Marcel]], and [[:priya | Priya]] for a [[Intrigue Campaign | secret mission]] on behalf of the [[:elf-queen | Elf Queen]]. Known to be a mid-level wizard.

  • Anafrei

    Anafrei is young and immature. She acts out against the authority of her [[:elf-queen | mother]], pissing her off by wearing her hair in a purple (or other-colored) mohawk, getting body piercings, and dating all the wrong guys (and girls). She feels like …

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