Orb of Heavenly Light

A small orb of a thousand worlds

  • Inclinations toward Evil Doing
  • Attracts Dark God servants
  • Lures to living dungeons and Dark God Temples
  • Sight through living dungeons

Owned by: Kyra

Escaping from the Wizard Militant’s forces after stealing her Orb of Heavenly Light, Kyra and her partner took refuge in a secret room hidden behind the Palace kitchen’s storerooms. Ancient and mysterious runes circled the floor and caused the two to become unnaturally dizzy and overwhelmed by a near forgotten and recently awakened powerful force from deep within the land. Disturbed, the two separated to research what was found. Kyra’s attempts to unlock these secrets backfired. As she began to write the first rune, sinister magic seized control of her left hand in a painful burst of ebony-violet fire. Her eyes focused and a stone eyeball stared directly at her — compelling her to go, go down into the depths . . . come, come join me . . .

Months were spent crossing the land to reach her contacts for the slim hope of discovering more about this Dark God. She hides the “Eye” by binding it beneath a leather glove, stitched with holy runes. The item seems to only cause it to slumber briefly but it is known to burn through the leather when it wants to be heard.

So far, it has led her to a Dark God’s Temple with a bottomless portal encircled by hooded priests and followers. Kyra managed to back out and escape but is left with wandering nightmares which urge her to come, to learn the truth of her power, and become one with the Master.

Orb of Heavenly Light

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