Prince Victor

Prince of Tenrook, the Emperor's human son who has been transformed into a half-orc


The son of the Emperor, Prince Victor of Tenrook is the human heir to the city of Tenrook. He is betrothed by ancient custom to Princess Eveningstar, but she’s refused to marry him, probably due to his dalliances with Ianna.

Recently, the half-orc villain VIRAX! infected him with half-orcism, and he’s transformed from a handsome human man into a dreadful-looking monster. The prince is capturing and torturing all half-orcs in the city. He wants to know who put VIRAX! up to this.

Because of his transformation, he refuses to be seen in public. As a result, his advisors are becoming more powerful (especially the Wizard Militant) and may actually take over. Also, relations with other factions are breaking down; people want to talk to the Prince directly and cannot. The Dwarven Ambassador may leave soon if the prince won’t hear his concerns about the treatment of the recently unearthed Dwarven city (Scaffold) below Tenrook.

Prince Victor

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