Lady Luck of the Scurvy Demon


This stony figure of a warrioress moves smoothly for one of her massive size. Kyra is constructed of the finest white and grey marble with veins of gold. Fingerless leather gloves stitched with holy runes cover are worn, an unusual pairing against her fine armor. A confident swagger and saucy grin are her usual gait and manner.

Race: Gargoyle (Stone) STR: 19 AC: 22/23
Originally: Masthead to the Scurvy Demon CON: 18 PD: 18
Gender: Female DEX: 15 MD: 16
Age: 10 (looks 19/20) INT: 12 HP: 96 (48)
Level: 5 WIS: 13 Greatsword: + 9 / 5d10 + 4 (str)
Longsword: + 9 / 5d8+4 (str)
CHA: 13 Heavy Crossbow: + 7 / 5d8 + 2 (dex)


  • Racial Features (Gargoyle) – Medium-sized, requires no air, and poison immunity.
  • Further Backgrounding (Adventurer) – + 3 to backgrounds already written.
  • Power Attack (Adventurer) – Deal the Power Attack [Encounter] damage even if you miss.
  • Precision Attack (Adventurer) – Damage bonus to Precision Attack (Manuever) increases to + 2 DEX mod.
  • Defensive Fighting (Adventurer) – Defensive Fighting (Manuever) increases PD as well as AC.
  • Never Surrender (Champion) – Turn a Never Surrender (Manuever Daily) hit into a critical.

Magic Items

  • Eyeball of the Cursed – As she began to write the first rune, sinister magic seized control of her left hand in a painful burst of ebony-violet fire. Her eyes focused and a stone eyeball stared directly at her. The curse tends to act like the devil on her shoulder.

    Kyra: “Don’t force me to stab you in the eye!”

  • Orb of Heavenly Light – The Wizard Militant has yet to forgive Kyra for stealing this precious orb. If you stare deeply at its center, a thousand worlds awaken to your eyes. The orb tends to act like the angel on her shoulder. Without the orb, the curse likely would have consumed control over all her actions.

    Kyra: “But it’s so good to be bad! I’m no angel.”

  • Amulet of Gathered Power – The amulet seems to snap exactly behind the orb, a pair of metal wings with the gem at the center. Its one-track personality tends to steer her to obey the curse or orb at any given moment.

    Kyra: “Yes, yes, for the fifteenth time, I heard you! Jump into the abyss. Now SHUT UP!”


Kyra began as the seductive masthead to the lightship, The Scurvy Demon. Accantasan sculpted her as per Captain Black Jack’s (Prince of Shadows) specifications and his own wanton dreams. The crew habitually would thank the masthead, claming she is Lady Luck to their good fortunes. One day after a terrible storm, the lightship was struck by lightning and by an odd miracle, the masthead came to life. Captain Black Jack took this newly born gargolye under his tutelage. She learned the ins and outs of being a pirate, bluffing one’s opponents, fighting dirty, and how to appreciate rum. Over the years, Captain Black Jack’s numerous contacts across the lands knew her as a protege. If they could impress her, maybe she’ll put in good word with the Cap’n. He’s never let his Pirate Queen stay too long on any of his lightships except for his own. The Cutthroats later were assigned to her by him, thus promoting her to Pirate Queen aka Lady Luck. For the moment, due to the nature of her mission, her crew is on the Scurvy Demon with Captain Black Jack. One day she hopes to be reunited.

In the meantime, due to her position as the Head Council Member of the Tenrook Trading Guild — a cover for her thievery, the Elf Queen and her wizard, Evadrah, have hired her to aid in untangling the allies of the Emperor. The first stop is Axis.

  • Lady Luck (Pirate Queen & Protege of Captain Black Jack) – 5
  • Head Council Member of the Tenrook Trading Guild – 4

Unique Feature
“At the right place, at the right time.”

Long Term Motivations

  • Steal the wand from the Archmage
  • Unite the small gargoyle population
  • Collect lots of loot and treasure
  • Own her own lightship for her crew, The Cutthroats

Icon Relationships

  • Prince of Shadows2 +/- Medium Known to Kyra as Captain Black Jack, he was the first person she saw upon coming to life on his lightship, The Scurvy Demon. He became enamored with this rare creature and decided to act as her secret admirer and mentor in order to coax her into doing his dirty deeds. One such mission was to sneak into the Tower of the Wizard Militant and steal the Orb of Heavenly Light. She has yet to return the orb and knows his lightship is far away due to her connection to it. The exchange isn’t bound to go well.
    • Accantasan – Her creator is a connection through the Prince of Shadows. He is her father figure which causes many awkward moments considering when he sculpted Kyra, his thoughts were on the best parts of the female form. He’s assisting her with researching the Eyeball of the Cursed in hopes of finding a removal spell. He lives in Tenrook.
    • Julian – Julian runs the skydocks in Axis. He’s rugged, very hairy, and limps. He’s an old salty sailor who is stuck on the docks these days and holds to the traditional view that women on lightships are bad luck. Fortunately, as a contact through Captain Black Jack, he’s more willing to give her answers.
  • Archmage2 – Medium Captain Black Jack has convinced her the Archmage is the reason for her awakening and his true mission is control of all gargoyles. As a result, Kyra views him as an enemy and will do anything to limit the Archmage’s power, including stealing as many of his valuables for the Prince of Shadows.
    • Wizard Militant – Kyra snuck into the Tower and stole the Orb of Heavenly Light. So far she’s escaped notice but it won’t be long until the Militant tracks her whereabouts and demands the orb’s return.


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