"The Bloody Fist"


Kajeen, “The Bloody Fist” or Kay, is a half-orc barbarian in the traveling gladiator circus known as the Blades of Fury. Scars riddle her muscularly fit figure from years in the pit. A wicked twinkle of mischief or insanity catches her opponents off-guard or the flash of flesh beneath her leather armor. Spoils from adventurering or gladiator fighting are constructed into crude jewelry usually worn about the neck or on the ears. Despite her half-orc features, a faint green complexion, a nose-ring, and massive size, her beauty is astounding enough to gain a trail of panting followers.

Race: Half-Orc (formerly Human) STR: 19 AC: 17/18
Original Name: Lady Trysta Renuald CON: 19 PD: 16
Gender: Female DEX: 16 MD: 13
Age: 20 INT: 11 HP: 44 (22)
Level: 2 WIS: 12 Greatsword:6 / 2d84 (str)
CHA: 16 Longbow5 / 2d83 (dex)


  • Lethal (Race) [Encounter] – Reroll any attack roll. Choose which one to use.
  • Unstoppable (Adventurer) – Add +3HP per level to the healing received from using the recovery during the Unstoppable [Encounter] attack.

Magic Items

  • Helm of the Undaunting Hero – In the process of being “gifted” to the Dwarven King. Let him handle the endless drumming and drunken dwarven singing that the helmet demands.

    Kajeen: “Shut up before I turn you to scrap metal!”


Icon Relationships

Long Term Motivations


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