The Leonardo da Vinci of Tenrook, "creator" of Kyra


Merchants, pirates, nobles, and never-do-wells seek out Accantasan to bless their airships or hire to create a fleet. One of his prized creations, a masthead of his version of the perfect female, came to life over 10 years ago. This situation is made more awkward as his creation, Kyra, has chosen to call him “Poppa.”

He maintains an enchanter shop and library in the merchant district of Tenrook. The Prince of Shadows is known to use Accantasan for his nefarious missions, adding him into a secretive society of spies. Because of his eccletic way of thinking and unusual attire, people tend to steer clear of the crazy man’s dwelling.


Accantasan keeps his past largely a secret but it seems the Prince of Shadows uses this knowledge as black mail to keep the enchanter in check. This may be the reason why Accantasan hasn’t interferred mainly with the Prince of Shadows’ plans with Kyra though awkward paternal instincts have him uttering sage words of advice. He’d like to plan the Prince for Kyra’s predicament with the cursed hand, but won’t outright speak against his master, being, at heart, a coward.


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